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Online Once Again

Can you tell by the dates on these articles that I’ve been away from here for a long while?

I’ve freed up a little time to add a bunch articles on another site that I manage.

So take a detour to Stay Focused to read some of the articles – an international photo conference, an inexpensive 3D printer, a time saving photo scanner, a drone with quality video.

I’ll be back here soon with more photos and articles.

Sony A6000

I’ve been a proponent of Sony’s NEX mirrorless cameras since they first appeared three years ago. The reason is simple. The NEX series produce images comparable in quality to conventional DSLRs, accept interchangeable lenses yet are very compact. They are substantially smaller and lighter than DSLRs.

Sony’s newest model is the A6000. Although Sony has dropped the NEX moniker, the A6000 retains the same compact footprint as the earlier NEX6 and NEX7 models.

A few days before our recent extended vacation, an A6000 arrived in the mail. I used it heavily on our extended family vacation. Instead of writing a wordy review, I put together a “photo review” that demonstrates the versatility of the A6000. If you’re on the hunt for a feature packed, technically advanced and affordable camera, you should look at the A6000.

You’ll find this quick and dirty “review” on my blog over at Stay Focused. Please click here to go to my online magazine.

Written by: Arnie Lee

Listen Closely

A Glance at the Nikon D4s

I got a peek at Nikon’s new D4s camera today and it’s a doozie.

Although it’s lighter than the D4, it has a remarkable 16MP sensor that’s superb at high ISO settings. It sacrifices a higher pixel count in exchange for superior noise reduction. In fact we saw an amazing demonstration at ISO 25600 with virtually no noise.

Its high speed, rapid fire capability is sure to attract the following of sports and action photographers. The D4s is rated at about 11 fps with continuous autofocus and autoexposure.

Here’s a short recording that I made at Nikon’s booth today. The shutter sounds like a miniature machine gun.

Press the play button

That’s an amazing speed.

Although it’s a better performer in several respects, the new D4s is lighter weight than the predecessors D4 and D3s.

That’s the teaser for today for Nikon fans.

Nikon’s rep Paul Van Allen tells me that today is the first day that the D4s is on sale. Price for the D4s body is $6,500.
Written by: Arnie Lee


PhotoPlus Expo – what’s new?

Last month while I was in New York I was invited to cover the PhotoPlus Expo at Javits Convention Center. I’ve been a regular visitor at the show for the past five years or so and it’s always exciting for me to wander the aisles to see what’s new and interesting.

I have written a series of articles on some of the neat stuff that I saw and rather than repeat them here, I’ll send you over to our Stay Focused site.

Fuji Instant Camera – the Instax Mini 90 is a throwback to the “Polaroid era”.

Nikon 1 AW1 – an incredible interchangeable lens camera that’s waterproof to 50 ft and more.

Sony A7 – an exciting full-frame mirrorless with high powered features.

Joby accessories – a hand grip/shoulder strap combo to lessen the load.

Tamron Zipshot – one of the lightest and easy to set up tripods that you can carry anywhere.

Leica X2 – a new, high-end and fashionable APS-C sized mirrorless camera that carries carries a great cachet.

Hufa holder – avoid losing your lens cap with this ingenious accessory

Triggertrap Redsnap – a versatile high speed trigger with interchangeable sensors for most cameras and flashes.

Please feel free to wander over to my Stay Focused site, if you’re inclined.

MakerBot’s 3D Printer

At this year’s Consumer Electronic Show I became quite interested in 3D printing technology. A couple of months later, I visited MakerBot’s store in New York City for a one-on-one demonstration. When I left, my wallet was lighter (to the tune of $2500).

Since then I’ve become a fan of this relatively new technology. Having used it for a few months, I think these amazing devices will be commonplace in a few years.

If you’d like a little background information on the model which I bought – Replicator 2, I’m going to send you over to my other Stay Focused site for some quick reading.

Read about MakerBot’s Replicator 2