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About This Photo

Every once in a while I find myself wading though the large collection of old pictures that grace my house.

Some are piled randomly in the proverbial shoe box(es), others are stored as strips of negatives and still more in yellow slide containers.

I find this exercise very enjoyable as I rediscover many of the past events that I recorded along the way.

Here’s an image that’s more than 40 years old. Yet I’m amazed that I can recall many of the circumstances and details of the day on which this photograph was taken.

My girlfriend and I were in college and year was 1970. We traveled 150 miles or so to enjoy the sandy beach in Holland along Lake Michigan. Although the hour was late and despite the moderate cloud covering, the sky remained quite bright owing to the extended daylight saving time. As my girlfriend was enjoying a spectacular sunset, I backed up a bit to include the pier and tower, placed my camera at a lower vantage point and snapped. The result 40+ years ago was this 2-1/4″ transparency which you can see is underexposed.

Yet regardless of its technical (de)merits, this is a memorable photograph for me. It carries me back to an era of youth and free spirit. It takes me to a time in our lives when we had less responsibilities, when we had no idea what the future would hold for each of us either separately or both together.

As it turns out, we’ve been married since 1972 so I guess it’s safe to happily share this photo.

Why don’t you start wading through your photo archives and share them with others?