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Wildlife Photography

Fauna in the U.S.A.

My “serious” photography adventures have me lugging a couple of cameras and a few lenses into the wild outdoors.

A long lens lets me capture four footed or slow moving animals in the field easily if I remember to be patient.

I’ve found that capturing flying birds with a camera are one of the most challenging endeavors. Fast moving birds are difficult to track with a long lens and using a shorter lens produces smaller subjects in the image.

I’ve thrown away countless images of wildlife that were blurry, poorly exposed, badly composed, etc. Below are a few that I’ve kept over the years.

Familiar Entrance Signs

Some of the Places We’ve Visited

When we travel to a new place whether it be a state, a park or other interesting location, we usually snap a photo of the entrance sign.

Following is a collection of some of those signs.

With his article we encourage you to experience some of the places that you haven’t yet visited.