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Picturesque Continental Divide

In Yellowstone when you’re driving the Grand Loop from West Thumb to Old Faithful, the road climbs a few hundred feet as it crosses the Continental Divide at Craig Pass.

There sits Isa Lake atop the summit that has a distinction of draining into two different oceans. While Isa is very small, it is a very picturesque site among the tall forested coniferous trees.

This article is the another in a series of articles that I’ve called About this photo to draw attention to a few of those memorable photos that may be hiding in a shoebox or on your hard drive.

This is one of my favorite photos from the outdoors. What stands out are the large great yellow pond-lilies floating on the lake surface.

By stepping back a bit you can see the larger part of the lake and the tall surrounding pine trees.

This photo was taken at a different time of the year in the pouring rain but presents a pleasant view.

I hope this is a reminder to get those favorite photos of yours off of your cellphone or computer for others to see.
Written by: Arnie Lee

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