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Landscape Tip #7

16th November 2009

Sometimes you may have a difficult time deciding how best to capture your scene. Fortunately with digital, shooting that extra picture is nearly free. So go ahead – press that shutter button.

The Long and Short of It

Out in the wilderness with beauty all around, it’s sometimes hard to decide on how best to take that photo.

What is going to look better – horizontal or vertical? Well don’t fret, just go ahead and try both ways and then make your decision afterwards.

I prefer the vertical because it emphasizes the depth of the scene.

But since there is no right or wrong, you decide.

Tech Tip #1

07th November 2009

For the most part, we’ve stayed away from the “techie” stuff so far. We’re going to stray slightly to explain how more pixels can come in handy.

When Pixels Count

Although I was using a 400mm lens, I was unable to get any closer to this bald eagle. He was sitting on a small branch in a pine tree 200 feet away and 50 feet off the ground.

This photo shows the full frame. It has a resolution of 5600 x 3700 pixels.

To keep the eagle from remaining a speck on my print, I tightly cropped the image. This yields an 870 x 1300 pixel image. Had my original image had fewer pixels, the cropped image would have lost detail.