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20th February 2021


I’ve taken an awful lot of photos over the years – some were for professional purposes, some as obligatory family responsibilities (wedding, birthdays, etc.) and some (many, many, many) for my own pleasure.


In this last category are a group that I consider fun photos. I’ve put a large number of them into my snapshot gallery.


I’m happy to share them with you so please click here and I’ll take you to see them.

Keeping it Personal

06th October 2010

The Creative versus the Personal

I’ve learned from my many years as a photographer that there are two distinct sides to my work. One side is the creative and the other side is the personal. I’ll explain.

Let’s take the family vacation as an example. The long cross-country drive has all of the family members packed into the station wagon on the road to that fabulous destination. The trip is going take me to some gorgeous landscapes. And when I arrive, my creative juices are screaming to photograph the vistas that I’ve been dreaming about for what seems like forever. But hold on! What’s also tugging at me is the family – remember this is a family vacation.

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