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Humorous Photos

16th September 2022

Pictures With No Other Purpose Other Than Fun

The majority of my photos are portraits, events, scenery, wildlife or commercial work for business.

Every once in a while I run across a situation that is hilarious or just plain funny. Below are from those occasions which I caught on camera.

Have you injected a little humor into your photography?
Written by: Arnie Lee

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Close Ups

16th September 2022

With the naked eye, it’s often difficult or impossible to see the detail of smaller objects.
Most modern cameras and cellphones have lenses that can focus close enough to capture some of this detail.

When shooting up close I try to have good lighting, careful focus and a steady hand (or better yet a tripod) to keep the images as in focus as possible.

Below are some of the pictures that I’ve been able to photograph up close without using any special camera equipment.

Whatever type of camera that you’re using you’re probably equipped to take close ups. It not only interesting to see your subjects up close with lots of detail, it’s fun too.
Written by: Arnie Lee

Fisheye Pictures

15th September 2022

With A View up to 180 Degrees

The fisheye lens is an interesting accessory. I have one that zooms from 8mm to 15mm. At 8mm the lens can take in a full 180 degree view. At 15mm it has a 175 degree view.

At the 8mm setting my lens produces a circular image and at 15mm the image is full frame. Regardless of the zoom setting the images are distorted and produce a panoramic effect. You can often recognize one of these images by seeing that straight lines appear curved.

I’ve used this lens both in the field and in the studio and get a kick out of some of the fascinating results.

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