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A Glance at the Nikon D4s

I got a peek at Nikon’s new D4s camera today and it’s a doozie.

Although it’s lighter than the D4, it has a remarkable 16MP sensor that’s superb at high ISO settings. It sacrifices a higher pixel count in exchange for superior noise reduction. In fact we saw an amazing demonstration at ISO 25600 with virtually no noise.

Its high speed, rapid fire capability is sure to attract the following of sports and action photographers. The D4s is rated at about 11 fps with continuous autofocus and autoexposure.

Here’s a short recording that I made at Nikon’s booth today. The shutter sounds like a miniature machine gun.

Press the play button

That’s an amazing speed.

Although it’s a better performer in several respects, the new D4s is lighter weight than the predecessors D4 and D3s.

That’s the teaser for today for Nikon fans.

Nikon’s rep Paul Van Allen tells me that today is the first day that the D4s is on sale. Price for the D4s body is $6,500.
Written by: Arnie Lee