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Towering Above You

Keeping the Planes Flying

As a collector of “all-things-airplanes” I’m always looking at the mechanics and logistics of how a group of aviation professionals launch aircraft in the air and reel them back in when ready to settle back to earth.

Among these professionals are many talented men and women working in precision in the airport towers to make it all happen.

Below is my collection of some of the places where these air controllers work.

Airports from up high

Looking down from above

While flying, my preference is to sit by a window so I can see the earth’s sights.

I’ve flown enough that I can recognize when the aircraft is passing over an airport. One of my “hobbies” is to photograph and then later try to identify the airport.

Below are a some of those airports which I’ve been able to photograph. For the aviation buffs among you, I’ve included the airport identifier.

If you’re interested in how I am able to identify airports, here’s a link to my other site where I show you a few of the techniques: https://stayfocusedpress.com/?p=13070

Aviation Shorts

A couple of snapshots

I’ve been taking pictures of “things related to aviation” for many years.

As I find a few in my portfolio, I’d like to share them.

Here’s a couple that came across my computer screen recently.

This was a favorite airport for small corporate jets and private planes in Chicago. It was located in the heart of the city along Lake Michigan. In 2003 the city closed the airport and turned into a park.

This is one cool looking Beech Starship. It is designed with a carbon fiber composite body and canard it has twin turboprops. It can carry up to 8 passengers with a range of 1500 nm at 300 knots. There are only a few Starships operating now.

At Oshkosh one year we stopped by to visit with the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII fame again. This time I was gifted with an autographed t-shirt and this commemorative patch.

We should have more of these Aviation Shorts soon.