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At the Lantern Festival

<br /> Our Family’s Rosies<br />

Fun With the Chinese Zodiacs

This week we visited the local John Ball Park Zoo for a special attraction themed the Lantern Festival. It’s an annual event whereby the park is transformed into a mile long pathway filled with thousands of colorful and clever Asian lanterns. These amazing displays come in all sizes – small, mediium, large and gigantic.

It’s a great venue for photographers such as myself and I had an easy time of selecting subjects to shoot. For this article, I’ll stick to a few pictures that illustrate the festival’s Asian origin.

Most of you are at least slightly familiar with the zodiac animals that you might see on the menu or placemat at a Chinese restaurant. These have special meaning to those who follow this cultural norm.

The zodiac consist of twelve animals that represent a particular lunar year. Each animal has certain characteristics and a person born in a given year takes on the personality of the animal.

I was born in the year of the ox. Supposedly my personality is “diligent, dependable, strong, determined”. I’ll let others decide if these adjectives describe my personality.

Here are the lanterns that illustrate the Chinese zodiac.

I took many more pictures than I’ve shown you here. As time permits, I’ll have another article that shows you many more amazing and clever lanterns from the festival.

We enjoyed this year’s Lantern Festival and the clever presentations of the Chinese zodiac animals.

Does your personality match the animal of your birth year?

Written by:

Arnie Lee

Reference: Personality traits from Creative Arts Guild

Let’s Go Skiing

<br /> Lake Tahoe Snow<br />

Snow in the Sierras

Lots of winter snow is a boon for those who love to ski.

The Lake Tahoe area is noted for its many ski slopes. This past March our plan was to visit relatives in Reno, Nevada and then drive to one of the nearby ski resorts. We made plane reservations, packed and were on our way.

As predicted the snow fell heavily over the Lake Tahoe area. Some places reported eight feet of the white fluffy stuff. Yes, as skiers we welcomed the snow – but not this much. All of the ski resorts were closed to the public as the workers there were doing their best to dig the lifts and gondolas out of the deluge and groom the slopes and trails.

The interstate highway from Nevada to California was closed for safety reasons and the traffic was stopped at the state line for three days.

On Monday my son who lives in the area said that we might try to reach one of the ski resorts by an alternate route. To our surprise these roads were relatively clear of the snow. Instead of a drive of 45 minutes by the interstate we drove for two hours to reach Truckee, CA by this “backdoor” road.

Truckee is home to the Northstar Ski Resort and sits close to the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Since the main road to Truckee was closed in both directions – Nevada from the east and California from the west, the parking lot was not very full.



We’ll remember the time we asked for snow and received way more than we needed.


Our March ski trip turned out well despite the exorbitant amount of snow that the Sierras received. We also got to visit with our son and his family for a few days.

Written by:

Arnie Lee



Flowers and Foliage

A Small Collection of Nature’s Color

When I’m walking with my camera, I can’t help but stop, admire and photograph the flowers along the way. These walks might be close to home along the neighboring streets, strolling in one of the nearby gardens or hiking through some of our country’s amazing national parks. There are flowers everywhere.

And while an admirer of flowers is called an anthophile, I’m definitely not an expert. In fact, I know the names of only a few.

Anyway, let me just present my photo collection of flowers and foliage