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The Met

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Last month while we were visiting the New York City area, we made a special trip to the well-known Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is the nation’s largest museum and contains a half a million specimens.

We spent a considerable amount of time perusing the huge collection of Egyptian art. Here are some of the exhibits.

Recycle Bins and Trash Cans

Keeping Our Streets Clean

Yes, my photo collections are sometimes “strange”.

This collection began with the many travels that I’ve taken over the years.

As you’ll see there is a lot of variety in the size, shape and color of the receptacles that we use to dispense with all of our litter.

Semis on the Highway

Tractor Trailers

I enjoy driving alongside the many semi-tractor trailers and seeing how they are diligently doing their part to keep our economy moving.

Here’s a small gallery that illustrates some of the monstrous loads that they are delivering throughout the country.