Monthly Archives: March 2018

Winter is Fading

This year’s Michigan winter has felt long and unpredictable. December was decidedly frigid and harsh. During other times, we’ve seen surprising warm spells intermixed with lots of cloudy skies, frozen temperatures and snow.

But as I ventured outdoors yesterday, my camera noted a subtle change taking place. I’m seeing that old man winter may be relenting.

Last weekend we turned our clocks ahead an hour – a signal that spring is on its way. I’m hoping for an abundance of sunshine to warm the air.
Written by: Arnie Lee

Online Once Again

Can you tell by the dates on these articles that I’ve been away from here for a long while?

I’ve freed up a little time to add a bunch articles on another site that I manage.

So take a detour to Stay Focused to read some of the articles – an international photo conference, an inexpensive 3D printer, a time saving photo scanner, a drone with quality video.

I’ll be back here soon with more photos and articles.