Monthly Archives: March 2022

Family Faces

While I very much enjoy taking outdoor, scenic and landscape photos, ours is a large, extended family.

This keeps me snapping the many faces that are a part of our family life.

Here are a few of the pictures that I’ve picked to share with you:

Recording memories of my family and friends remains an important part of my life. I’m guessing that you have many fond memories that you’d like to share too.

Presenting Food

Ten or so years ago I became involved with the hospitality business as a “second or third or fourth” career.

These days, in addition to my photography hobby, I take pictures of food to help with the promotion of the offerings.

This is a fun, new creative activity for me.

Some of My Favorites

Over the years I’ve had the chance to take many, many photographs. In the past few weeks, I’ve gone through my collections and picked out a few of my favorites.

I remember the time and place where I clicked the shutter for each of these photos.

I might say that I have a photographic memory?

Why not find some of your favorites to stir up your photographic memory.