Monthly Archives: September 2022


Announcing Business Names

For want of a better description, I’ve titled this collection of photographs “Storefronts”.

Among these are pictures of small and giant signs alike, entrance ways, doorways, banners and more.

Remembering Restaurants

Recalling Eating Establishments

We’ve all gone to restaurants and enjoyed the great food and wonderful service. You might remember the city or locality and want to return at a later time but can’t remember its name.

Of course you don’t need to remember the name of most fast food places since they’re everywhere.

Anyway I have a partial solution to the memory problem. I take a picture of the place.

Below are a bunch of memory aids for a few of the restaurants that stand out to me for one reason or another. And the reason may not necessarily be a good one. Some places you may not want to frequent again.

Some places have funny names or interesting stories behind them. Keep these in mind as you enjoy your dining.

Architecture and Buildings

Beautiful City and Town Structures

Many viewers including myself favor outdoor nature and scenes. But since I spend most of my time in built-up locales I’ve learned to enjoy unique and attractive architecture that adorn metropolitan areas.

These are some of my favorites from places that I’ve visited.