Yellowstone Geysers

A Virtual Tour of the Park

I have to admit that I’m addicted to our country’s national parks. Over the years I’ve visited many of the parks all over, from the east to the west and from the north to the south.

In particular I’ve trekked the 1300 miles from my home in Grand Rapids, Michigan to western Wyoming – home to Yellowstone National Park – at least a dozen times. Yellowstone is one of my favorite destinations.

The souvenirs that I take from Yellowstone are strictly the photographs and videos that I capture.

For those of you who might want to experience a few of the varied and amazing thermal features found in Yellowstone, I’ve posted them below.

PLease note that each geyser is on a separate page in order to minimize web page delay.


  1. Beryl Spring
  2. Black Pool Geyser
  3. Blue Mud Steam Vent
  4. Canary Spring
  5. Chinese Spring
  6. Lakeshore Geyser
  7. Minute Geyser
  8. Old Faithful Geyser
  9. Palette Spring
  10. Puff N’ Stuff Geyser
  11. Steamboat Spring – eruption
  12. Steamboat Spring – calmer
  13. Upper Yellowstone Falls
  14. Vixen Geyser
  15. Water Runoff Firehole River


Beryl Spring -A powerful geyser thought to be one of the hottest (190+ degrees) located just north of Gibbon Fall May 2023)

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