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Civilian Aircraft

Props, Turbos, Jets and Floats

For many years part of our business was developing flight simulation software.

Our development activities had us traveling to many airports, airshows, exhibitions, conferences and museums to conduct research for various software projects. We would travel to locations and airports that would give us unobstructed views of the aircraft in flight. These photographs are part of the activities that later turned into flight simulation products.

Though I am no longer involved with the business side of aviation, I still shoot airplanes (so to speak). These photographs below span the decades from 1980 through today.

Looking back this was an interesting and very enjoyable part of our business.

We hope that you enjoy these photos.

Aviation Shorts

A couple of snapshots

I’ve been taking pictures of “things related to aviation” for many years.

As I find a few in my portfolio, I’d like to share them.

Here’s a couple that came across my computer screen recently.

This was a favorite airport for small corporate jets and private planes in Chicago. It was located in the heart of the city along Lake Michigan. In 2003 the city closed the airport and turned into a park.

This is one cool looking Beech Starship. It is designed with a carbon fiber composite body and canard it has twin turboprops. It can carry up to 8 passengers with a range of 1500 nm at 300 knots. There are only a few Starships operating now.

At Oshkosh one year we stopped by to visit with the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII fame again. This time I was gifted with an autographed t-shirt and this commemorative patch.

We should have more of these Aviation Shorts soon.

Aircraft Nose Art

Artists at Work

I’m lucky to have had several interesting careers. One of these was to develop flight simulation software.

Among the most enjoyable parts of our business was to attend the well-known summer Oshkosh air shows. At Oshkosh are acres upon acres of aircraft of all makes and models from vintage to classic to state-of-the-art to futuristic.

visitors viewing the warbirds at the Oshkosh air show

As a history buff, I love wandering among the hundreds of war planes covering the fairgrounds. Rather than show you the warplanes themselves, I’ve collected a series of artistic pictures that adorn the noses of these aircraft.

Enjoy the nose art that inspired our courageous airmen in years gone by.

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Written by Arnie Lee