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Semis on the Highway

Tractor Trailers

I enjoy driving alongside the many semi-tractor trailers and seeing how they are diligently doing their part to keep our economy moving.

Here’s a small gallery that illustrates some of the monstrous loads that they are delivering throughout the country.

Just Up Ahead

I love to travel and my favorite means of travel is by car.

I’ve driven cross country dozens of times from the east coast to the west coast and from the north to the south. I never seem to tire of being on the road.

One of my driving “hobbies” is to record some of the scenery along the way.

As I travel I’m excited to see and learn about how our county operates. These pictures are examples of how the hardworking men and women keep our economy moving.

So when I’m behind the wheel and see all of these semis and trailers ahead of me, I know that they’re all on the way to deliver equipment, goods and supplies to all of the industries which keep out economy running strong.

From the Driver’s Seat

I just returned from another cross-country trip. This journey started from home in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Phoenix. However, I took a roundabout way: directly to Reno, through Yosemite NP, a quick stopover in Long Beach, down to San Diego, detour to Joshua Tree NP and finally to Phoenix.

In all I drove 3600 miles and most of these were on our amazing interstate highways. Although I drove solo, I was not alone on the highway.

As you can see below, here are some of the companions that I met along the way.

That wraps up another enjoyable 3600 mile drive.