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Stay Focused Guides – free download

tips and techniques for popular DSLRs

Since 1978, we’ve published hundreds of books including the seven books below – for users of popular DSLR cameras.

Today we decided to make these PDF formatted eBooks available free of charge to anyone who wants to download a copy. Don’t fret if you have a different model camera than those below since the problem solving techniques described in the book are similar for almost any advanced camera.

* Canon XS
* Canon XSi
* Canon T2i
* Nikon D40
* Nikon D60
* Nikon D3000
* Nikon D5000

These are full, complete books to help you solve common shooting problems. Each chapter has easy to follow steps with camera settings for turning problematic “before” pictures into gallery-quality “after” photographs.

The printed edition of these books sell for $22.95. You can download the PDF edition right now free of charge.

There is no obligation, but if you’re so inclined we’d like you to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to see what other tips, techniques, reviews and lots of other “things photographic” are coming from Stay Focused.

To get a free download, please visit our Stay Focused site.