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Restart in Progress

Two Websites Are Now One

We combined two of my websites into a single one. StayFocusedPress.com was merged into this ArnieLee.com site. The articles following this one and to the right (Search by keyword) are more of a personal interest. The link to Stay Focused Magazine contain articles mostly about photography.

Please note the recently added new articles.

BTW, I have a fairly long list of items I want to write about so hope you’ll keep an eye out for more coming soon. I apologize if you encounter a few problems with some of the older articles – I’m still fixing them. You’ll notice some of the history that goes along with 12+ years on both of these sites.

Updating My Website

Changes Coming Soon

During the past few months while the activities here have been off of the air (so to speak), I’ve been planning to revamp the website.
I’ve always had two sites: StayFocusedPress.com has been around for more than ten years and ArnieLee.com about four years. The plan is to combine the both to make it easier to maintain and navigate.
Please stay tuned for an enhanced ArnieLee.com in the next few weeks.