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Wait! – It’s not Winter Yet

I’m Not Quite Ready for the White Stuff

Just the other day I’m talking about the colorful Fall. And then some cold and blustery weather rudely interrupts my plans to get the house winterized. It’s early November and the snow outside is blowing sideways.

What’s a person to do who hasn’t yet raked all of the leave, secured the storm windows, retrieved the snow-melt from the garage and checked out the snow blower?

Well, I didn’t panic. Wearing neither my heavy duty coat nor warm gloves, I grabbed my camera to get a few shots of the white stuff.

For all of my complaining, once I’m outside I kind of like exploring the moisture-laden outdoors.


Maybe you can detect that I’m being a little facetious here.

I spent only a few minutes outdoors walking in the yard to take these photos. Yet they’ve recorded what my day was like. As I move from one photo to another I feel the snow falling on my face, my frosty fingers wiping droplets from my glasses, my shoulders shrugging to keep the cold air from rushing down my collar.

Regardless of the weather – rain or snow; sunny or cloudy; hot or cold; – there’s opportunity awaiting you to capture the moment in pictures.


Fall is Here

But don’t put your Camera Away Just Yet

When Fall arrives, many of us like to cuddle up in the warm house and wait it out until Spring arrives. This is one way to avoid the cold, but certainly not the only way.

But the sun was brightly shining today. And although the temperature wasn’t exactly warm, the clear skies and slight breeze was perfect for those of us who were charged with putting the outdoor furniture away, rake the multiple of leaves and clean the yard ahead of the next season’s snow.

But after completing the chores, the splendid colors called out to me to take a few snapshots. So inside I went to retrieve one of the cameras.

I slowly walked around the house and in a quick ten minutes my session was complete. In no time at all I had taken a few fall photos to “brighten up” my day.

What can I say except “shake off those winter blahs” for at least a few more weeks. There’s plenty of days where they’ll be sun and at least a hint of warmth to make your outdoors bright and colorful.